i-Tips Vs Microlinks.

What is the Difference?

i-Tip Install Application

Microlink Install

The i-tips are installed using our Express pre-beaded and pre-looped  i-tip extensions. It is a strand by strand method that allows 360 degree movement at the time of installation. It is light weight, and completely versatile. Depending on the density of your natural hair, anywhere between and 50 - 300 pieces are used. The i-tip install can last anywhere from 10-16 weeks. The amount of extensions needed will be determined during consultation.

Microlink install is done using wefted extensions. The weft is attached at the root using a micro link bead. Our Raw Uzbek wavy/ curly extensions are used for the installation of this service. Microlink installs can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks.
















A consultation is recommended before scheduling for either service. We do consultations Tuesday-Saturday from 12p-4p.

Our i-tip extensions and Raw Uzbek wavy curly extensions can be purchased